Sophie Scholl Mural Project

What does my death matter, if by our acts thousands are warned and alerted?

Sophie Scholl

The Patch Works is honored to be participating in a Cabbagetown-based mural project that spotlights the courage of Sophie Scholl, who was a university student in Germany during the final years of Hitler’s and the Nazi party’s reign. As a member of the non-violent protest group Weiße Rose (the White Rose), Sophie engaged in public acts of defiance that included painting anti-Hitler graffiti and distributing literature encouraging resistance to the Nazi regime. Ultimately, these actions doomed Sophie to a conviction of treason. She was sentenced to death by guillotine.

She would have turned 100 years old in 2020.

Why (and How) is The Patch Works Involved?

The Patch Works is dedicated to supporting projects and events that bring our Cabbagetown community together, even if the subject matter might prove challenging to the public at large. We are an organization that refuses to sugarcoat history, believing that The Past – warts and all – can be a powerful learning tool if discussed honestly and openly. Sophie’s decision to stand up to tyranny resonates even in today’s world. Although she was certainly aware that her dissidence might exact a heavy price, she didn’t allow fear of retribution to dissuade her from staying true to her morals and principles.

In addition, we are a nonprofit that passionately embraces Cabbagetown’s love of art – music, painting, decorative, etc. – and will always offer assistance to community-based art events. For this project, The Patch Works will be providing videography services, interviewing artists and other participants.

Finally, The Patch Works will help pull together a small but prestigious discussion panel from Atlanta’s community and social-justice leadership. The guest speakers will address this quote: The imperialist ideology of force.. must be shattered for all time.” The Sophie Scholl project invites people to understand different perspectives, and the panel will offer a forum for respectfully engaging in potentially opposing viewpoints.

The imperialist ideology of force.. must be shattered for all time.

Weiße Rose, Sixth Leaflet

Who Else is Participating?

The Patch Works is joining Goethe-Zentrum Atlanta (a nonprofit intercultural awareness organization) and Cabbagetown Initiative (a 501c3 nonprofit community development corporation dedicated to improving parks and public spaces with free community activities and arts programming). Our organizations will be supporting this project by offering a variety of resources and/or funding.

Primarily, the event will focus on art as a medium for self-expression. Several artists will be selected from a pool of applicants and will be asked to explore “how the events of [Sophie’s] life speak to you, and how this struggle maintains relevance today… Rather than idolizing an external symbol, perhaps artists will find meaning through an introspective context… Finalists will have artistic freedom. There is no particular guideline for the painting.”

  • Five (5) artists will each create a painting that captures their personal interpretation of Sophie’s experience. They will be provided a 3’x4’ canvas & a $50 gift certificate for painting supplies (courtesy of Sam Flax). Participants will also be paid $500 for their original artwork.
  • One (1) artist will install a 150-square foot mural on the east wall of 97 Estoria, adjacent to the Krog Tunnel & Beltline Eastside Trail.

In addition to payment, the completed canvas paintings will be offered for auction, & participating finalists will receive 50% of the sale price. The finalist’s Artists Reception may be complemented by future opportunities to display the original paintings, including international receptions, social justice lectures, and a theatrical performance in partnership with Alliance Theatre (TBA).

The mural and portrait series are supported by an arts grant through Goethe-Zentrum Atlanta, which has received support from the German American Cultural Foundation, Halle Foundation, the Goethe Institut Munich, as well as from private donors.

Please Support the Project With a Donation

As a nonprofit that relies almost entirely on the generosity of private donors, The Patch Works humbly asks for your financial support, so that we may:

  • Offer remuneration to the video crew.
  • Offer a stipend to the panelists.

The Patch Works also intends to assist the Cabbagetown neighborhood in covering the general costs associated with preparing and running the project.

If anyone wishes to know about volunteer opportunities, please contact The Patch Works with your area of interest and qualifications.

Additional Information

The Patch Works will provide regular updates through this website. In addition, please take time to learn more about Sophie, the White Rose, and the other participants in this project:

Everyone is welcome in Cabbagetown. We are dedicated to providing vibrant, creative, and inclusive public spaces, events, and activities. Admission is free. Y’all means all. Abide no hatred.


Our vision is to provide experiences to enhance learning and the development of personal and professional relationships by combining immersive classroom and online learning, as well as integrated cultural programs to enrich learning opportunities, build relationships and create a greater sense of community.

Our mission for peace is emphasized by our status as one of nine locations world-wide to co-locate with the Alliance Francaise, as reflected in state treaties between France and Germany, former arch-enemies.

We are antifascist, antiracist, antisexist.

Goethe-Zentrum Atlanta

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