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For over a century, Cabbagetown has maintained a strong community identity, with neighbors looking out for each other and interacting on a regular basis. Today, the volunteer rate in this tiny, inner-city village is among the highest in Atlanta.

There’s a small-town charm to Cabbagetown, something very rarely seen in a big metropolis today. Saying “hello” to others — even strangers — as they walk down the streets is a common occurrence. Cabbagetowners will happily sit on a front porch and chat with each other for hours.

In the Cotton Mill-era Fulton Mill Village, residents never locked their doors, allowing neighbors to come visit any time of day. And as the story goes, even during periods of extreme financial hardship, no one ever went hungry, because the residents would always provide a needy neighbor with food. These traditions continue to this day — Cabbagetown has community networks, such as the Chicken Noodle Network, that provide assistance to residents facing hardships.

People living in Cabbagetown forge unusually strong bonds, and even when residents depart for another town, city, state, or even country, the distance cannot break these bonds. The Patch Works has had the privilege of hosting and/or assisting with several of the neighborhood’s numerous community-building events, one of which dates back 50 years. (In 2019, The Patch Works even produced a community-theatre play in Cabbagetown’s outdoor Joyce Brookshire Amphitheater.)

Please visit our Community-Building Events page for details on the various events that Cabbagetown residents get to enjoy.

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