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The Patch Works Art & History Center is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization serving the Cabbagetown Historic Landmark District and surrounding neighborhoods in Southeast Atlanta. Founded in 2016 (by Jacob and Nina Elsas) as a Domestic Nonprofit Corporation in the State of Georgia, its mission is to preserve, sustain, and maintain the historical identity, relevance, and integrity of Atlanta’s Cabbagetown — a resurging, 19th-century mill-town community impacted by major urban development — through exhibits of history and local art, and community-based public programs.

In 2012, Jacob Elsas — the great-great grandson of the founder of Fulton Bag & Cotton Mills and its mill town, Fulton Mill Village (now referred to as Cabbagetown) — recognized that significant demographic changes to the neighborhood had eroded local residents’ understanding of Cabbagetown’s past, whereupon he decided to establish a history center. Soon after, he met (and married!) Nina Caltabiano, who brought to the relationship a background in Art History Research.

With Jacob’s family ties to the neighborhood and Nina’s research capabilities, the two were able to develop — within a few years — a strong foundation for the history center, compiling an impressive collection of artifacts, art, and documents, as well as establishing invaluable relationships with individuals and organizations that maintain a deep knowledge of the local history. In January 2018, they officially opened the center’s doors to the public. The Patch Works Art & History Center regularly partners with various businesses, schools, and other charitable organizations to provide quality educational opportunities, artistic appreciation, and the perpetuation of the stories of Fulton Bag and Cotton Mills, the Cabbagetown community, and the neighborhood’s original mill-town inhabitants.

Photo of Jacob and Nina Elsas: Copyright © 2018 Dean Hesse

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