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In January 2018, The Patch Works Art & History Center officially opened its doors to the public. For two years, the center offered educational exhibits, workshops, guest lectures, walking tours, a meeting space, and regularly hosted neighborhood events (such as its monthly “Unplugged” music series, the Cabbagetown Olympics, the Cabbagetown Reunion Day Festival, Paws for The Patch Works Dog Show, and a history-themed Haunted Mill House during Halloween).

As of March 2020, due to the continuing pandemic, The Patch Works is currently closed to the public and is instead moving to a virtual presence. The center has been busy designing new projects that are tailored specifically for online delivery. With its mission in mind, The Patch Works will continue to provide historic education, exhibit local art, revel in the neighborhood’s enduring love of music, endeavor to keep the community strong and engaged, and pass to future generations the stories of Fulton Bag and Cotton Mills and the 19th-century mill town known today as Cabbagetown.


The “Museum” section of our website is designed to bring visitors a virtual representation of The Patch Works’ collections and exhibits, which normally would be displayed at (or offered by) the center. The intention of this section is to offer various, multi-sensory experiences that focus largely on the history of Cabbagetown, whether the experience is physical, viewable, or audible in nature (artifacts, documents, photos, art, video, audio recordings, etc.). Although there may be some “crossover” with contemporary Cabbagetown, the context in which an experience is presented will be historical.

Specifically, this section is divided into three, main categories (under which are subcategories):

Enjoy, y’all!

Museum Hours

We apologize, but the museum is currently closed to the public. In the meantime, please enjoy the content on this website and continue to look for upcoming online events. Thanks, y’all!

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