The Cabbagetown Reunion Day Festival

For over 50 years, The Cabbagetown Reunion Day Festival has been an uninterrupted annual display of Cabbagetown’s love for its people. The idea began in the early 1970s, when mill-era residents sought to maintain connections with their close friends, many of whom were departing as The Mill started its decade-long decline.

Old Cabbagetown was more than just a bunch of houses with faceless, nameless people. It was a community. It was a Family – mostly metaphorically, but many times literally: generations from the same bloodlines existed here. The loss of one person sent shockwaves rippling across the neighborhood – from Boulevard to Pearl. Today, this Family has endured a near-total exodus that has driven loved ones to other towns, cities, and states. They have experienced their own diaspora.

And today, there is a New Cabbagetown. A new community. Another STRONG community. A collection of people who have come to love the neighborhood for the same reason as the past residents: we’re Family. And when one of us leaves, a piece of us goes with them.

This is no high school reunion. Nothing that banal. It is a merging of worlds that occupy the same space. A time to appreciate the Past, while enjoying the Present and rejoicing in the knowledge that Cabbagetown is forever.

So, now we ask y’all, “Where else does this happen?”




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