The Cabbagetown Zoomin’ Reunion Day Festival, 2020!

Photo by Jenn Pierce, 2019.

Dear Cabbagetown residents — past and present — it’s that wonderful, special, glorious time of year again! The first Saturday of June is almost upon us! In other words, clear next weekend’s schedule, grab a drink (or three), and snag a bag of tasty chips… Get ready, once again, to enjoy Cabbagetown’s annual summertime event, complete with the usual mix of music, games, and friendly faces!

On Saturday, June 6th, starting at 12:00pm, we — as proud members of the Cabbagetown community — get the honor of being the VIPs at one of Atlanta’s longest-running traditions:

The Cabbagetown Reunion Day Festival!

This year’s gonna be a little different. As much we’d like to, we can’t ignore the current state of affairs. The health and safety of our neighborhood and its residents are paramount. So, for the first time ever, The Reunion is NOT going to be held on the streets and in the parks of Cabbagetown. (This means: no porch music, no Artists’ Market, and no crowding around the front door of Little’s, y’all. Sorry.)

Instead, the creative minds from CNIA and The Patch Works have come up with a groovy alternative — a solution that will bring the fun directly into your homes. We’re calling it:

The Cabbagetown Zoomin’ Reunion, 2020!

We’ve already got several talented musicians lined up to perform: Kim Ware, Ross Pead, John McNicholas, The Cabbagetown Racketeers, Jess and the Boys, the Absinthe-Minded Professors (to name a few).

And games. Who doesn’t like Bingo???

And different Zoom Rooms for special topics. Like, y’all can gab about your favorite street in Street Talk; or remember loved ones who’ve passed away in the Remembrance Room. Or if
you want to learn more about Cabbagetown history or perhaps even share your own story, y’all can hang out in the Mill History Room or the Interview Room.

Different can be fun, which is what this Zoomin’ Reunion will definitely be!

PLEASE NOTE: This year — in order to keep this amazing, 49-year-old tradition going, but also to keep people’s health and safety the #1 priority — The Cabbagetown Reunion Day Festival will be “online,” using Zoom:

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 760 887 4748 (Call-in number)
Password: 30316

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