The Patch Works is On the Move!

The center is currently changing its location…

After analyzing its long-term goals/plans, The Patch Works has made the decision to depart from its current location. Both The Patch Works and the property’s owner agree that this is a positive step for the center, which will continue to operate even as it searches for a new, museum space.

The owner of the property has been working closely and amicably with The Patch Works, which is grateful for the wonderful and well-spent years at 593 Gaskill Street. Indeed, our landlord has been very supportive of our efforts, and we at The Patch Works thank him for allowing us to begin our journey at his property.

The museum’s collections are currently being safely stored in a secure and environmentally sound location. Fragile artwork and artifacts have been either placed into custom-built crates (thank you Tad Porter!) or sturdy boxes.

As previously mentioned, The Patch Works is still operating — providing:

  • Walking tours (this past week, we just gave a tour for a group from Cobb County Parks’ Therapeutic Recreation program;
  • Community events (coming soon… the Third-Annual Cabbagetown Olympics!)
  • Music performances (our lovely neighbors have been generously offering their own, private living rooms for our “Unplugged” music series).

The Patch Works also has some major plans this year to collaborate with other Atlanta communities on historic preservation, specifically with Sweet Auburn and Reynoldstown. And as always, The Patch Works will be ever-watchful, as development continues to explode in and around Atlanta’s historic neighborhoods.

For more information or to book a walking tour, please contact us. We’d love to hear from y’all!

And periodically check our website’s Calendar for upcoming events.

We hope to see y’all soon!

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