On March 16th 2021, The Patch Works had the honor of interviewing Ivan Sellers, who was born and raised in Cabbagetown until he was around 16 years old (when his parents moved out of the neighborhood). Please click on the video below to hear his story… told in his own words.

My father, Ivan Sellers is 80 years old. Our family, the Sellers family including my grandparents, some of his 10 siblings and many cousins of mine all lived in Cabbagetown from the 1940’s until my grandmother died in the early 1990’s. My grandparents lived on Berean Avenue for many years. My grandfather was a preacher in the little white Baptist Church on that street. My family also lived on Estoria Street in the 1940’s.

-Susan Ward, daughter, March 2021

For more interviews of Cabbagetown Originals, please visit our Video Interviews page

Interviewing Cabbagetown Originals is a major part of The Patch Works’ mission. If you or anyone you know had once lived or was still living in Cabbagetown up until The Mill closed (i.e.: before 1981) – and would like to be interviewed – please contact The Patch Works.

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