Unraveling History: The Fulton Bag and Cotton Mill from Past to Present

On October 18th, 2023, Nina Elsas – Co-Founder and Curator of The Patch Works – participated in this three-person-panel discussion about the legacy of Fulton Bag & Cotton Mills. Other panelists were: Dr. Jody Thompson, Georgia Tech Head of Archives; and Dr. Danielle Willkens, Associate Professor in the Georgia Tech School of Architecture.

Hosting the discussion was Kirk Henderson, Exhibits Program Manager at the Georgia Tech Library.

From the Abstract on the event website:

An enlightening evening of exploration as we delve into the rich history of the Fulton Bag and Cotton Mill. This panel discussion, held in conjunction with the exhibit in the Library’s first-floor Price Gilbert Gallery, will shed light on the mill’s significance, its symbiotic relationship with Georgia Tech, and its contemporary role as a unique educational resource. An iconic landmark looming over the history of both Georgia Tech and Atlanta, the Fulton Bag and Cotton Mill stands as a testament to a bygone era and continues to influence the present. To fully grasp its significance as a symbol of Atlanta’s industrial prowess, we invite you to an engaging panel discussion featuring distinguished experts who will guide us through its past, its integration with Georgia Tech, and its relevance in modern education. After the panel, visitors are invited to explore the journey of the Fulton Bag and Cotton Mill from its beginnings as a cotton manufacturing powerhouse to its present-day significance in the exhibit. Discover the profound ways in which Georgia Tech and the mill have influenced each other, and witness how students are actively utilizing the mill’s legacy to gain practical knowledge and insights in diverse fields.

The Georgia Institute of Technology