Cabbagetown Chronicles Volume 1 is Available for Purchase!

Cabbagetown Chronicles Volume 1

Cabbagetown Chronicles Volume 1

A unique music CD, funded by the Georgia Music Foundation and released in November 2019, that showcases the rich and varied history of Cabbagetown music.

The brainchild of local musician Slim Chance (aka James Kelly), the CD features the music of Cabbagetown residents, past and present:

  • Fiddlin’ John Carson
  • Tommy Roe
  • Joyce Brookshire
  • Smoke
  • Kick Me
  • Rock*A*Teens
  • Cat Power
  • The Carroll Street Troubadours
  • The Chumblers
  • Anna Kramer and the Lost Cause (with The Cabbagetown Tapedknuckle Choir)
  • W8ing4UFOs
  • K. Michelle DuBois
  • Slim Chance and the Convicts (with Elise Witt)
  • Eastside Pentecostal Choir
  • T.T. Mahoney
  • Cabbagetown Children’s Choir

Come purchase it today at The Patch Works or order it online for only $10*!

*possible shipping, processing fee, and tax for online orders not included

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