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Cabbagetown Virtual Tour



The Patch Works Art & History Center strives to implement a multimedia “tour” throughout the historic neighborhood of Cabbagetown, Atlanta. Designed for both desktop and mobile web browsers, the digital tour will offer users a chance to delve deeply into the neighborhood’s stories by offering a wide variety of learning options: photos, historic documents, text, video, voiceover narration, interviews, and maps. Not only will the tour educate users on the history of Cabbagetown, but also on today’s community and how it developed over time.


Since 2012, The Patch Works has been exhaustively researching Fulton Mill Village/Cabbagetown history, obtaining information from various reputable organizations (Georgia Tech, GSU, Atlanta Preservation Center, The Breman Museum), Primary Sources (e.g.: Original mill-town residents), and documents from the Elsas family (which founded and operated the cotton mill). The Patch Works would like to compile this knowledge and deliver it in a widely accessible, digital format. In its entirety, the Cabbagetown Virtual Tour will eventually be a comprehensive study of the neighborhood, including (but not limited to):

  • Pre-Cotton Mill Inhabitants (Indigenous Tribes and Early Settlers)
  • Pre-Cotton Mill Structures
  • Trains and Atlanta as a Transportation Hub
  • Atlanta (Confederate) Rolling Mill
  • Civil War Battles in Area
  • Founding of Fulton Cotton Spinning Company/Fulton Bag & Cotton Mills
  • The Creation of Factory Lot/Fulton Mill Village
  • Mill and Mill-Town Expansion, a Symbiosis
  • Mill-Worker Demographic
  • Non-Mill-Worker Demographic
  • Mill-Town Autonomy
  • Philanthropy and the Rebuilding of Atlanta
  • Social Unrest (Race, Religion, Strikes)
  • Changes in Manufacturing
  • Changes in Mill Ownership
  • Death of the Cotton Industry/Closing of The Mill
  • Unemployment and Economic Strife
  • Charity and Community
  • Emergence of an Artist Colony
  • Saving The Mill
  • Investment and Displacement
  • Drastic Change in Demographic
  • Gentrification/Revitalization
  • Historic Preservation vs. Modern Society/Inevitability of Change

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