Harmonic Connections: The Patch Works and WERD Radio Station

On August 20th, please join us at The Patch Works for the first evening of a unique and collaborative two-part event: Todd Mack and Music in Common are bringing together two organizations — The Patch Works and WERD Radio — to discuss not just their respective histories, but also the music and other elements that bind and unite our seemingly disparate communities.

WERD Radio is the first, African-American-owned radio station in the country, where Dr. Martin Luther King himself would broadcast sermons and civil rights’ commentary. After years of obscurity, WERD has been resurrected by Ricci de Forest, who will be our guest on August 20th and then our gracious host on August 22nd.

Also participating on August 20th will be our amazing friends Slim Chance (aka James Kelly) and Dr. Erich Nunn. Slim will perform examples of Hillbilly music, while Dr. Nunn will discuss the origins of such music in Cabbagetown and how it evolved from sounds being produced by African-American performers at that time.

For more information, please view our calendar entry. Or visit the Facebook Event.