Website Up and Running Again

If y’all are reading this, then y’all are already aware that our website is running just fine…once again…finally.

Nonetheless, we wanted to apologize for any inconvenience over the past few days — while our site was inaccessible. On the positive side, the site was down while we were transitioning to a secure website (to protect our visitors), so y’all’s “user experience” should be even better now! Thanks for checking out The Patch Works!

Cabbagetown Neighborhood Volunteer Fair

The Cabbagetown Neighborhood Improvement Association (CNIA) needs your help to keep Cabbagetown running! Find out about a variety of volunteer opportunities and talk to existing board members about life as a CNIA leader, as a CI board member, or as a Patch Works volunteer.

This event will function similar to a “speed-dating” social style meetup. Potential volunteers will get time to chat with current volunteers and board members in a casual environment.

For more information, please visit: 

We can’t wait to see you there!

Mouth Of The South
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